Document Management

Information is of use only if it is available on time. Individuals, small and medium organizations all shall win or lose the battle on the basis of their ability to manage the information around them

Instant storage and retrieval of any document

Physical Documents: Any office works on 100s of documents every day despite the computerization. These documents are in various forms e.g. handwritten notes, report printouts, typed letter, photocopies, faxes etc.

Electronic Documents: On the other hand, every hour someone or the other in the office is creating a new document in his computer using a word processor, email, spreadsheet etc.

All these documents - physical or electronic are to be filed, sorted, stored, retrieved and reproduced by various people at various levels.

We offer the software products which handle this situation with ease and flexibility. It completely eliminates the need for paper-based documents by scanning and archiving them. Tasks like indexing, storing, retrieving, viewing and annotating documents would all take place on your computer desktop.

  • Now you can manage both paper based and electronic documents under one common computer desktop.
  • Readily available Paperless office now at an unbelievably affordable price.
  • Network edition for multi-user document management system also available.

Scanning Services

We also provide scanning and data entry services to our clients. Normally, when a document management system is installed for the first time, there is a large backlog of documents to be scanned and appropriately indexed. The high speed conversion of documents can be performed at our facility while maintaining a high quality standard.


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