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Quality Checking Process of SR InfoTech Pvt. Ltd., We work to get you the highest quality as per your requirement. By combining our operating methods and error-free Data Quality Control system with our technology and infrastructure, we deliver superior solutions for your Data Entry needs. We follow a standard procedure to ensure that your projects are completed on time and without any compromise with Accurate Quality in work.

Our Quality Control department is the backbone of SR InfoTech Pvt. Ltd. We have a team of experienced and well qualified Quality Analysts and Data Entry Auditors. A final look on the finished work will be done before being delivered to the client to ensure the higher level of quality standard according to all the suggestions and specifications provided.

We give top-most priority to meet client requirements in all cases. Many of our clients have complemented us for accomplishing their tasks and difficult projects within the deadline, with 100% accuracy and work quality. We achieve this by our unique Quality Control procedure that is built with different stages as follows:

Our Quality Control Procedure:

On receiving the work assignment, our project managers analyze carefully the instructions, specifications and the other details provided by the client. After that, they make the instructions some what easy so that the Data Entry Operators can understand it easily and avoid any misunderstanding. After that proper training will be held with sample to ensure that each operator has understood the specifications properly.

After that, the job is divided into batches and each batch is given with Specification Instruction files prepared by our Project Managers.

Two data typists enter the same data in different files to generate the output and that will be named File-V and File-W.

These two files are electronically compared column by column and row by row through software developed by us. The program highlights the fields where there are mismatches between the two files, and the quality persons correct the mistakes. This comparison procedure is done by two operators to generate the output files that will be File-X and File-Y.

These two files are again electronically compared using our software, and File-Z will be generated.

The whole work in File-Z will then pass thru proof reading. Our QC Persons and proof readers read the text to ensure correct spelling, grammar, punctuation, and corrects as per the client instructions and specifications.

The above corrections are again verified finally to leave no scope for error and achieve the best level quality in the work.

We can deliver the final output files in the output formats as required by clients. During this whole procedure data will be kept fully confidential and secured as data security is must.

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